5 Star Songs

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My iPod has 31,302 songs. 1,173 of them are rated 5 stars. On a recent cross-country drive, listening to a playlist consisting solely of those 5-star songs, I found myself whiling away the miles trying to decipher what set each one apart from the other 30,129.

So I’ve started a Tumblr to record the results of that ongoing effort. I’m going to try to update it daily, but life being what it is that’s more of a wish than a promise.

One thought on “5 Star Songs

  1. Rich Pallotta

    Keep up the great work, Tim! Long-time, huge TMJ fan (since mid-80′s) and have been following your success and now your twitter feed and tumblr blogs. I went through every one of your current 5-star songs last night and added many to my playlist for the gym. When I found out you’re a fellow lower-county Westchester-ite it all made sense to me…


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