This is basically a giant filing cabinet for various articles, presentations and other ephemera I’ve written over the years. I get briefly sad when links to the websites of publications I used to write for, or former employers, stop working. So I figured I should be responsible for maintaining my own links.DSC00658

This site isn’t meant to be comprehensive — it’s just the stuff I feel better being findable than not. I’m starting with some old Raygun pieces from the 1990s that were never online so far as I know, and all the presentations I gave at the wonderful Pop Conference in the 2000s. I plan to add more as time allows.

Random biographical facts in case you were wondering:

  • Born in the ’60s
  • First Clash record pretty much served as a beacon for what I should be doing (whether that meant making music, or making people hear more music)
  • Formed a band called Too Much Joy in high school, recorded a bunch of records, toured for a decade or so
  • Got caught up in late-’90s dot-com/online music boom
  • Helped build Rhapsody and Google Play
  • Still recording with the guitar player from TMJ in a group called Wonderlick
  • Currently heading up a company called Freeform
  • Married, with kid
  • There is no God

Needless to say (although I have learned one is still better served by saying it), none of the writings here represent the opinions of any employers, past or present, nor the publications in which they originally appeared. A few of the writings here no longer represent my own opinions any more, for that matter.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Amazingly Andrew Yonda

    Hi Tim,
    I was looking for the chords to “Bad Dog” by Too Much Joy on Ultimate Guitar and I was bummed to see just a few TMJ songs posted there. So I thought heck, I’ll do it myself, and post it on my blog for future TMJ lovers. Maybe I’ll make it a TMJ week on the blog! Then the last thought I had was “I wonder if those guys would be pissed if I did that?”

    I’m not sure if that sounds crazy or not–I’m a musician so I know I certainly don’t want people ripping off my stuff, but at the same time, you know, it’s the internet and all, and I am not trying to make any money off of it. It would mean a ton to me if you could give me your blessing or curse! Thanks, Andrew

  2. Martell

    Dear Tim,
    Several unrelated items:
    *Penn and Teller followed Half Japanese also.
    *What is the worst American made beer? You mentioned the second in sponsorship blog.
    *What with all the lying going on in this administration you might consider presenting “People Talk By Talking” to Joy Reid for her to use on her show. AMJoy/Too Much Joy…personally I prefer the version with the 7 beat GP over the other with
    L L Cool J (I’ve known them for years; their mothers love me…) This song would get such widespread airplay, and that could be amazing for interest in your music.

    1. tbquirk Post author

      Oh, Budweiser is in fact the worst beer, IMO. “Second worst” was a goofy compromise — Anheuser Busch spent a lot of money with my employer at the time, and it was politely suggested to me that maybe I shouldn’t be so emphatic. It’s a mystery to me why “second worst” was considered less controversial. Diplomacy is complicated!


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