Where Have All The Bob Seger Albums Gone?

Where Have All The Bob Seger Albums Gone?I’ve got a long read over at NPR about the strange case of Bob Seger, who has let over half of his catalog fall out of print physically, while simultaneously releasing just a couple compilations for sale online, and almost nothing at all for on demand streaming. A few folks pointed out that my editor and I missed an obvious headline: “Why Has Bob Serger Taken His Old Records Off The Shelf?”

3 thoughts on “Where Have All The Bob Seger Albums Gone?

  1. Simon Howson

    I just received an email “For the first time ever, Bob Seger’s entire catalog is available on Spotify. Stream all his hits on the This Is: Bob Seger playlist.”

    I immediately thought of this article!

    You did it! (I think?)

  2. Don White

    Good article, agree all the way. Any insight whether the import CDs from Seger’s earlier material is legit, meaning it was really released or is it likely someone source cassette or LP?

    1. tbquirk Post author

      My understanding is that Ramblin Gamblin Man, Mongrel, Smokin Ops and Seven each received official CD releases back in ’93 or ’94, but that anything else you encounter on CD is a bootleg (and sometimes even those four titles might be boots, if they don’t say Capitol Records on ’em).


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